Before & afters seem to be one of the most popular subjects on both my social accounts as well as on the accounts of other photographers. Totally get it, I love seeing before & afters too. It gives away some of the editing secrets and it sorta gives you hope; a photo doesn’t have to be perfect, a lot of the magic happens in post! 

As you can see, quite a lot happened here. I made the photo muuuch darker and added quite a lot of vignetting.
Altered the composition and desaturated the leaves. Took somewhere from 20-30 minutes.

This was a typical “f*ck it, I’m going all out with the editing”- kind of photo. As you can see I dragged the left wall
more into the middle of the photo. Changed the colour of the leaves and added a lót of vignetting once again.
Felt it really draws attention to the dog and adds to a moody feeling. This one took about 30 minutes, maybe 40.

This was quite the ‘quick fix’ . Threw in a vignette in there (yep, by now you’ve probably noticed I love vignetting) and
made the colours pop a little bit more. The windows were a bit distracting so removed those as well. This took about 10 minutes.