Hi guys! A week ago I had a poll up on my Instagram Stories, about whether or not I should be starting a YouTube channel. I honestly didn’t expect getting so many sweet DM’s and the poll resulting in a whopping 91% of the votes saying: yes, start a YouTube channel!

These polls really help to give my content some direction. It’s great to get some feedback, whether positive or negative. I just put out content and hope people like it, so hearing about what you want and need is super helpful! So, based on the poll and DM’s, I started a channel. My intention is to fill it with both photography and editing tutorials, with a little bit of behind the scenes footage and workflow tips on the side.

Most of all I want it to be helpful, positive and personal. I’ve got so many ideas, but obviously I’ll start with the basics, like curves, layers, masks and other very useful basic tools. This week I’ll be starting on the whole recording thing, but boy, does recording and editing take time! Anyway, I’ve got you guys little teaser!

Have a great wednesday.

Love, Alix

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