Do you know that feeling when you’re really inspired all of the sudden and you want to try something new? Well, I had that last week! I discovered some amazing photographers on Instagram and it gave me so many new ideas. I wanted to try out dogphotography and make the colours really pop. Lucky me btw, because it snowed during the photoshoot, which gave the pictures a little extra! Below the endresults!

Does it really get cuter than dachshund puppies? This little fluffball wasn’t really in the mood for modelling, but luckily I managed to capture a few pics I was satisfied with!

Looking at me? This amazing dog is a boerboel; an African guard dog. Their loyalty is beyond amazing and they are the sweetest dogs ever. To the ones they see as family, that is. Strangers though? Not so much. They have a family to protect you know!

A boerboel puppy. She is just the sweetest, but that protective nature is starting to develop as we speak. Don’t be fooled by those eyes!

Ah, Jurre! This beautiful dog is a Cesky Fousek, a Czech Hunter. This guy posed like a pro and gave me this macho look I absolutely loved. This photo above is my absolute favourite!