As a photographer you learn and develop constantly. The photos you take get better over time, just like your editing skills. Whenever you look back at old pictures you sometimes wish you could take them again, but this time with your newly mastered skills. Unfortunately you can’t go back in time and take the picture again. However, you can remaster your old photos and apply your new editing skills! 

Remastering an edited photo

I started the remastering proces with a bit of a challenge: a overly edited picture from way back. I don’t know what I was thinking, it’s sooo red? I tried color correcting it, but I couldn’t save it. So I took the easy way out: I turned it in to a B&W picture. I actually really like it the way it’s edited now, it’s much more crisp and the black and white suits the picture best. Sometimes the easy way is the best way!

There is no ultimate way to edit/remaster a photo and it’s no rocketscience. I just toggle the settings until I’m satisfied with the endresult. That’s also exactly how I tought myself Lightroom and Photoshop: playing around (and watching turorials). Just keep in mind that the more you edit, the more it’s going to affect the quality of the picture. Sometimes a picture needs a lot of work (like these old ones), but try to do as little as possible.

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned from this picture, it’s this: always keep the unedited version of a photo! I love the B&W, but I would’ve loved to have a full color version as well. But hey, that’s another lesson learned!

Remastering an unedited photo

This is like having a blank canvas: the photo may be old, but all your editing is brand new! I scrolled trough my old albums and picked out the ones I though had potential. I organized them and started editing them all over again. And yay: I actually really really loved the way most of them turned out!

I always used to edit my photos in Photoshop instead of Lightroom. I started using photoshop when I was 13, so I had quite abit of experience with it. Lightroom however was completely new to me and I just didn’t know how to work with it up until the end of 2017.
Now it’s my go-to photo editing software for lighting and colors. Photoshop is still my biggest love though! I use it to clean up errors in the photos, to retouch them and to add effects.

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